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The state of West Virginia is often considered one of the most patriotic states in the nation. This reputation was built by the countless men and women who have left the Mountain State in defense of this great country and by those who continue to fight for our freedom. With nearly one in ten of our citizens having served in the US Armed Forces – more people per capita than most other states – West Virginians have always ensured our veterans receive the respect and support they so deserve. The WVDVA continues to work to improve the lives of West Virginia’s veterans and welcomes you to provide any feedback that might help us better serve our state’s heroes and their families. 


Riders with the 27th Annual "Run for the Wall" event will be at the State Capitol on May 21st at 9:15. Please join RFTW riders and Secretary Thompson for a brief ceremony in honor of our POWs, MIAs and all who have served.