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West Virginia is considered one of our nation's most patriotic states. This reputation was built by the extraordinary number of men and women who in the past have left the Mountain State to defend our country and by those West Virginians who now serve in U.S. military ranks. West Virginia has produced one of nation's highest per capita military service rates. Our veterans defended us. Now it is our turn to support, respect and defend our veterans.  The West Virginia Department of Veterans Assistance works to improve the lives of West Virginia’s veterans and welcomes you to provide any feedback that might help us better serve our state’s heroes and their families.  


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The West Virginia Department of Veterans Assistance has completed an enormously successful 2016, and the Department will no doubt build on last year’s momentum by continuing to recognize, help and work in tandem with veterans across the state to raise awareness and opportunities for the state’s 175,000-member community of former military men and women. Veterans Assistance Deputy Secretary Billy Wayne Bailey takes a look at some of those successes in column about some of the Department’s initiatives.


A Look Back 2016