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WV Veterans Nursing Facility

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   We are proudly serving West Virginia's heroes here at the West Virginia Veterans Nursing Facility.  

Our veterans receive the full spectrum of long term care services they deserve, and more.

Since receiving our state nursing home license on June 2, 2008, our veteran population has been steadily growing. Veterans from all over the state have been migrating to our modern, spacious facility. Located along the West Fork River our comfortable rooms offer beautiful views of the Veterans Administration Park including the footpath, baseball fields, and courtyard area.

Our facility joins the Federal Veterans Administration Hospital at two levels through an attached breezeway. Most facility veterans choose to have the hospital physicians follow their care while residing in our nursing facility. The hospital also provides meals to our residents through a state of the art food delivery system.

We have our own in-house pharmacy, and pharmacist that provides individualized attention to the medication needs of our veterans. We offer remote storage lockers for our veterans to store valuable or extra personal items. Personal laundry is processed in-house, and other linens are cleaned through a state agency that hires persons with disabilities.

Our physical plant is state of the art. As the newest constructed nursing facility in the state, our fire detection and suppression systems are exceptional. In the event of an actual fire, the laser detection system initiates an alarm and specialized vents pull smoke to the tops of our hallways to allow clean air evacuations. Our rooms have oxygen and suction capability built in, and all of our rooms come with free TV and local phone coverage. We also offer a wireless network for computer web access.

We are a value to the veterans because our maximum room rate is roughly one third of what it would cost to pay privately in a typical nursing facility. In fact, no veteran will be turned down due to finances. See our Admission Criteria link for more on eligibility.

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Dr. Kevin Crickard, Administrator

One Freedoms Way, Clarksburg, WV 26301

Phone: (304) 626-1602 Fax: (304) 626-1605 

Office hours: 7:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.